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Hello, and welcome to Becca's Danny Phantom blog! As you can probably guess, this blog is dedicated to Danny Phantom, so if that's what you're looking for, you came to the right place! I do reblog a bit of gore and otherwise not safe for work things, however I try to tag absolutely everything and if there is a tag you want me to add, or if you just wanna talk, message me! Cursor by Ectolime.

huntressvaleriegray answered your post: Danny/Sam ship name: “Not Lovebirds” o…

How about Not Lovebirds as a “friend”ship and Fakeout Makeout as a romance-ship? Not enough “friend” based ships out there IMO.

That could work actually

  Anonymous said:
Okay! Thank you for clearing that up for me!!

No problem!!  I hope you have a lot of fun and I look forward to your submissions!!

  Anonymous said:
Are mini-fics and drabbles okay to post during Phannie May? I thought I saw somewhere that they weren't, or weren't for a certain tag, but I wanted to check with you to be sure.

Yes they are!  The note I posted was “Text posts are not allowed in the tag (except for phanfictions)”.  What it was for is the people who just make text posts saying something like “Oh I’m excited for phanniemay” and put it in the #phanniemay tag.  I like to keep it clear of everything except for actual contributions.

Easy tip to remember: if it’s the final, complete version of a submission for a Phanniemay prompt, tag it.  If it’s not, don’t.

Can I just say people are so good at using the Phanniemay themes creatively?  Like I have a general idea of what I expect people to do - rather, my own interpretations of the themes, I suppose - but then I see people talking about their ideas or posting WIPs and it’s like wow!!! I never thought of that!!!  and it’s really cool aaaa just the variety and talent and hhhh

Two weeks to Phanniemay!!


What if Danny kids were picky eaters so he makes their food invisible and gave it to them to eat  and while they were half way done he makes the food visible again and they freak out.  


Phanniemay progress! 1, 3, and 5 are done, 2 and 4 are in WIP mode, the first ten are roughly planned and have working titles.

It’s weird being so organized about writing. :>


Ok, but what about… Vlad Masters and… Meg Masters?

She’s his niece? He hears about her “running away from college” and she’s seen later “dressed like a slut” and he’s actually concerned about family so he checks it out and finds out she’s possessed and IDK.


guess who got her cintiq today. have a quick Star doodle. cause Star’s my fuckin’ fave. :D