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Hello, and welcome to Becca's Danny Phantom blog! As you can probably guess, this blog is dedicated to Danny Phantom, so if that's what you're looking for, you came to the right place! I do reblog a bit of gore and otherwise not safe for work things, however I try to tag absolutely everything and if there is a tag you want me to add, or if you just wanna talk, message me! Cursor by Ectolime.

  Anonymous said:
Swimsuit contest! Danny, Randy, Jake, Rex and Ben compete, with Dan as the special guest presenting a new swim trunks model and Vlad as the host! Who do you think would win? (And how much would you be drooling when thinking about this?)


I was gonna ignore this cuz I don’t care about stuff like that but thickerthanectoplasm drew you a thing.



My daily speed-sketch-thing. Vlad takes a trip to Gravity Falls, but Dipper knows better. I would love to make this a comic, but I am way too lazy. 

  Anonymous said:
i dyed my hair white yesterday because of danny and i have no regrets


tbh I actually started to bleach one streak of my hair white because of DanPhan too but I couldn’t get it white enough



 Danny Phantom

Practice 1&2   

I am very envious of their friendship

idk if you recognize her from the camp doodles but she started out as just a random camp counselor lady but I fell in so much love with her design that I had to keep her.  So, I finally gave a face and name to Zelda's mom and Lancer's wife, Gwen!

Gwen was married to another man for a while and found out she wasn’t able to have kids.  She didn’t mind it and got into the foster care service, but her husband wasn’t as invested and they amicably split up and drifted apart over the years.  Her kiddos eventually got her into video gaming and while she’s not fantastic, she’s content to watch her kids play when she herself isn’t playing.  She managed to meet Lancer through an MMORPG considering they were the only people older than like 14 in their guild (Gwen herself being a decent bit older than Lancer), and once they found out they were near each other they decided to meet up for coffee or something.

She’s into literature more than she is video games so they definitely had that in common.  She’s interested in non fiction as well as fiction and culture is her favorite subject.  As Lancer started coming around more frequently he began helping Gwen’s foster kids with homework and the like and sort of assimilated into their life.  They got married a few years later and not long after that the foster care service Gwen was aligned with had an extremely young infant left at their facility.  Since they weren’t an adoption agency they were a little frantic, so Gwen, who probably just helped a relative with a newborn, volunteered to care for her while they figured out what to do.  By the time they found an adoption agency to take the baby in the Lancers had already fallen in love with the baby and worked out the papers to adopt their first permanent child together, Zelda (after Zelda Fitzgerald… they swear…).


drew a very quick sketch of Danny

for some reason, all I drew is danny,probs bcuz hes the easiest character to draw.idk, but pls excuse the god awful ear i cannot draw ears and I think his head is too big. oh well