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Hello, and welcome to Becca's Danny Phantom blog! As you can probably guess, this blog is dedicated to Danny Phantom, so if that's what you're looking for, you came to the right place! I do reblog a bit of gore and otherwise not safe for work things, however I try to tag absolutely everything and if there is a tag you want me to add, or if you just wanna talk, message me! Cursor by Ectolime.


au where jack and maddie wanted to do a big reveal of the fenton portal to the family, actually got it running, and blasted the whole family? at first they are horrified and put fentonworks under quarantine while they try to find a cure, but as no obvious ill effects manifest they get more and more sidetracked studying their new physiology and the Ghost Zone. 

meanwhile danny ends up telling his friends even though his parents said to keep it secret for now (it was super obvious to sam and tucker that SOMETHING was going on and it’s hard to hide your fork falling through your hand) and they talk him into thinking of it as kind of cool.  jazz otoh has no close friends to confide in and just wants to be normal. she is the one who has the hardest time adjusting and gets angry that their parents aren’t trying harder to reverse the effects


An end is always a new beginning, boy.
Get prepared for your last holiday. They will help you.

there are so many floridians on my blog right now what’s going on y’all wanna come over for a sandwich and milk


finished another print for otakon! i started this back in may;;; fashion sam from danny phantom bc i said so


I drew lines of danny phantom and asked phil to color it too! mine looks kinda boring compared to his hehe
thanks phil, I love it!


Had a mighty need to draw Danny in this when I saw it

  Anonymous said:
Thanks for responding so fast! Yeah I get where you're comin from. The net's a scary place. Hey speaking of the Phandom (which has a lve for xovers) have you ever heard of Tiny Ghost and Richard (so cute!)? Those two cuties are from cartoon hangover shorts ep 7. Than again, you mightv. the video has lots of views.

I haven’t myself cuz i don’t follow Cartoon Hangover sorry QwQ