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Hello, and welcome to Becca's Danny Phantom blog! As you can probably guess, this blog is dedicated to Danny Phantom, so if that's what you're looking for, you came to the right place! I do reblog a bit of gore and otherwise not safe for work things, however I try to tag absolutely everything and if there is a tag you want me to add, or if you just wanna talk, message me! Cursor by Ectolime.

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Wait, you're taking prompts? Um, if this is okay: "But if you could get away with it, would you?"


Danny was greeted by the cold barrel of an ectogun to his back. 

"Phantom, we need to talk."

He swallowed and beat down the chill that rippled through his body. The howl of the wind had masked her approach. Danny lowered his feet to the sidewalk below, body stiff. “Back so soon?”

"Couldn’t stay away," came her icy reply. 

Danny gave a tense chuckle. He turned around, hands raised slowly in the air. “Did you change your mind? Are you gonna…take me back as your prisoner? I’ll go quietly. You don’t have to shoot.”

"No." Valerie lowered her gun, arm hanging limp, though she didn’t dare blink as she watched Phantom’s eyes. "I stick to my promises, but we need to talk."

"About Dani?"

"About Vlad."

"Oh," Danny answered, interest piqued. His eyes had brightened. "The good old mayor."

"You knew."

"I knew?"

"You knew he was a ghost."

"Yes I did."

"And you never told me."

Danny shrugged. “I kinda tried. You wouldn’t have believed me.”

"No…I wouldn’t have," Valerie conceded. She stared down at the ectogun hanging loose in her palm. She hucked it across the street in disgust. It clanked under streetlights, coming to a rest just shy of the rain gutter. A small, nocturnal mammal scrambled at the disturbance. "I can’t believe I took his hand outs. I’ve been bending over backwards for a ghost.

"Yeah well…Vlad’s complicated." Danny shrugged. "It’s not like he made you do anything evil. You were just…a pawn.” Danny flinched as Valerie’s hand came crashing down on his shoulder. “I didn’t mean it like—”

"Why didn’t you tell me?

"Hey!" Danny batted her hand away. He took a few cautious steps backwards. His green eyes roamed over her suit for any other visible weapons. "Relax. I didn’t know at first, and me and him are in kind of a stalemate. I promise I was doing everything I could to keep you safe from him.”

"Well thanks for that, oh hero," Valerie bit back. "I feel so much better knowing you were doing everything you could…besides, you know, telling me.”

"I couldn’t tell you!" Danny countered defensively. He drew his hands into himself. "Look I know you think I’m a breathing, glowing bit of target practice, but I’ve got my own issues in this. I’m risking things. I’m risking people. If I was free to gab about Vlad, don’t you think I’d have told the whole town by now?”

"What exactly does he want with you anyway?" Valerie crossed her arms. "I got my first ghost hunting gear when he still lived in Wisconsin; then he moved here. He became our mayor. I’m betting money you brought him here.”

"It’s complicated."

"Explain it to me."

Danny chuckled. “No, you’re not getting my life story that easy.”

Valerie flicked her wrist. A small, egg shaped blaster emerged from the cuff. It fizzled and sparked, whining in the darkness. “My weapons say I am.”

Danny shrugged, corners of his mouth turned downward, and flipped invisible.

"Hey!" Valerie swung her wrist around. "I’m not done with you, Phantom!"

"Me neither. Are you gonna play nice Valerie? Or do I have to leave you here feeling all used and betrayed?"

Valerie growled, but snapped her blaster shut. She tore her gloves off by the hems and dropped them onto the concrete. Her helmet clunked to the ground too, followed by two guns the length of her forearm.

"Look Phantom, no weapons. Now talk to me. Tell me about Vlad."

Danny phased back into sight. His cheeky grin stretched out under wary eyes. “I’m telling you now, I gotta edit some stuff out. I’ve got my own secrets mixed in with his.”

"How do you know him, Phantom?"

"My parents knew him."

"Where are your parents?"



"No weapons, Valerie! I’m telling you stuff because I’m nice like that. Don’t push me."

Valerie exhaled sharply, balling her fists at her side. Danny had taken cautiously to the air. 

"Alright, so your parents knew him? How?"

"College friends. Well…’friends’." Danny cast air quotes. "He became half ghost in a lab accident, but that was before I was born. When I met him, he was just trying to kill my dad, steal my mom, and rip up my family. Not very friendly."

"So he’s NOT a ghost buddy of yours?"

The scoff that followed sent icy chills down Valerie’s spine. “Never. Not in a million years. He’s nearly killed my friends, my sister, my dad. He’s stalked me, cloned me, beaten me senseless, kidnapped me, all but killed me…” Phantom’s hard features softened with worry. “But he’s got a noose around my neck, so I can’t out him.”

Valerie bit her lip, eyes to the ground. “Then let me.”

"No!" Danny shot forward. The bitterness evaporated off his face. "I can’t have you do that. The secrets he could spill about me…"

"And you’re willing to value that above the safety of everyone being controlled by a ghost for a mayor? Your cousin? You almost watched your own family die, and you’re telling me you’re just gonna let him go free?”

Phantom backed away, but the fire had returned to his eyes. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Vlad’s not just gonna bow out if I spill his secrets. He’ll kill me. He’ll kill everyone around me. He’ll kill you. Who’s gonna stop him anyway? The Fentons?”

"I’ll kill him."

"You can’t pull that off." Danny ground his teeth. "You gonna break into his mansion on that clunky hoverboard of yours and commit murder? You’re fourteen."

Valerie stared him down. Her tongue curled delicately over her lips. “Then why don’t you do it? He thinks you guys have some truce going on, yeah? So go slit his throat. He can’t kill anyone if he’s a cold dead corpse.”

Phantom’s entire face loosened. His wide eyes went wider, shining with a kind of fear Valerie was not used to seeing in them. “I’m not gonna go kill someone, Valerie.”

"Why not?"

"I-it’s illegal, for one. I don’t think they have ghost prison. They’d probably hand me over to the Guys in White as a violent criminal!"

"And how would they catch you?" Valerie ticked off on her fingers. "Invisible. Intangible. Silent. Reach your hand into his chest and explode his heart. Squeeze an artery and let a heart attack take him. Done."

Phantom’s white skin had drained of all color. He swallowed compulsively. “C’mon Val, you’re suggesting murder.”

Valerie stepped forward. The cold wind swept her hair. “I watched this man all but murder a little girl. You tell me he’s tried to kill your friends, your family. You think both our lives are in danger because of him, and you’d rather just let him walk? Why should he get to live?”

"I don’t…I don’t kill people. I-I’ll get caught."

"Me and the Fentons are the only ones capable of catching ghosts, and they live across town."

"Vlad’ll stop me."

"Okay, so talk hypotheticals with me." Valerie sat on the ground, legs crossed. "Vlad had a headache, took some pain killers that knocked him out. Nothing’s gonna rouse him. The Fentons are on vacation. All security cameras are disabled. A security alarms are broken. You’re floating above Masters’ bed, and all it’ll take is a quick yank at his heart to end him."

Danny landed, feet shaking. He could see it, the dark cold bedroom. The blast of wind outside. Vlad beneath him, silent, vulnerable, defenseless. All the pain he’d been through. All the fear he lived with. His dad would be safe. Sam and Tucker and Jazz and Valerie and Dani. He’d be safe. Just at the cost of one, horrible, terrible human life, squeezed out in his hands…

Danny found himself nodding before Valerie even posed her question.

"You don’t wanna get caught; I get that. Me neither… But if you could get away with it, would you?”

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If you're still doing requests for the kissing thing, how about Danny and Sam and on Naughty bits. Hohohoho. But if that's not something you're comfortable doing, then the chest one is cute.



i cut my finger so i drew this while wearing a bandaid gomen plz forgive me

(NSFW under the cut)

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favorite line from the season 1 finale of Danny Phantom tbh

*violently shakes because of mind control and circuses*


I was practicing Kim Possible characters and these are the result.

I really wanna see a fight between Vlad and Shego.

And I just noticed how much Dani looks like Kim. What if Danny and Kim are cousins, the moms look alike enough to make it plausable.

Junior and Juandissimo would be fashion buddies.

  Anonymous said:
"Being dead is easy, but being alive is hard."


(changed the line just a bit)

Danny sat, eyes glazed, in the corner of Walker’s prison yard. A few monstrous ghosts fought for a glowing ball at the center of the field. They tackled and slammed each other, shaking the whole yard. Other ghosts clamored in to grab the prize, but they were ultimately booted by the beastly prisoners. 

In one skirmish, the ball was ejected from the huddle and launched to the outskirts of the yard. It bounced in the dead grass before rolling to a stop at Danny’s heels. 

A smaller, duck-like creature lunged for it, gathering the ball up in its feathery arms. It looked up at Danny before freezing. A human ghost grabbed the duck by the neck and knocked it off its feet. The attacker’s hands wormed into its feathery arms and grabbed the ball before bounding away with it. Half the yard sprinted after the new ball possessor. 

"You lost your ball," Danny observed flatly. His eyes swung around the yard, bored. 

The duck thing raised its head and hopped quickly to webbed feet. It kept its eyes trained on Danny. “You’re the halfa, aren’t you?”

"Yeah. Heard of me?"

"Yeah," the duck answered.

"Are you scared of me?"


"Do you hate me?"


"Good, then let’s agree to not attack each other… I’m just watching the game," Danny responded. He pulled his knees up to his chest. His prison garb was tarnished by dark ectoplasmic stains.

"I wasn’t planning on attacking you."

"Then why are you talking to me?" Danny let one leg stretch out. The human-shaped ghost that had taken the ball now rested at the bottom of a ghost pile ten prisoners deep. Danny could just make out the ghost’s desperate wriggling beneath the masses of bodies. The ball had popped out and rolled back to the center of the field.

"Mostly because I pity you."

Danny snorted at this. “Pity me?”

"How long have you been here?" the duck thing pressed.

"214 days."

"See—like that." The duck motioned to him. "Me, I don’t know how many days I’ve been here. It all kinda bleeds together. I know I want that ball! …But that, that’s just about it."

Danny cocked an eyebrow, but he didn’t look at the duck. His dull eyes stayed focused on the game. “You know why everyone wants the ball? It seems…pointless.”

The duck nodded. “Yeah, it’s super pointless. But you know, a ghost’s obsession can change due to circumstance. Walker knows this. He’s given us the ball and nothing else… Kinda hard NOT to obsess over it, you know?”

Danny finally turned to the duck, whose eyes fervently followed the ball across the field. Its feathery rump wiggled. 

"Well I don’t get why you pity me. I pity you guys…chasing the stupid ball."

"No no, you got it all backwards," the duck thing said, nodding to itself. "The ball obsession is great. All us full ghosts in here are doing life fulfilling work—at least it feels like it. I ain’t counting the days. I ain’t wondering how or when I’m gonna get out of here. I just want the ball!" It turned to Danny, the glow in its eyes dimming. "But I see it in your face. You’re thinking about all those things. You’re the only one here who doesn’t care about the ball."

"…Oh," Danny answered. He didn’t care to admit that the duck was spot on. He knew his parents were out there looking for him. Sam, Tucker, and Jazz too. Or had they given up? He wondered how Amity was fairing without him. He wondered how long he’d have to stay in here—214 days into a 10,000 year sentence. He had no plan for escape this time. He had no motivation as the months rolled on. The ball meant less than nothing to him.

Through the silence, the duck opened its bill again. “It’s that humanness in you. It stops you from letting go.” The duck inched away, eeking back to the frenzy happening in the field. “Look, I know I’m gonna get my feathers beat just trying to get that ball, but it’s all I care about. You can pity me if you like, that’s cool, but this is the easy way to live.”

"Good for you."

The duck spun back to Danny, its bill twitching uncomfortably. When it spoke, it spoke with resignation. “You know…Walker’s got all sorts of sharp things lying around. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but you should try joining us.”

Danny tilted his head, stomach tightening. “Sharp things?”

"You know…" The duck looked around, then motioned across its wrists. "Sharp things. I’m not saying it in a mean way or anything! I’m just telling you it’ll be way better when you let go.” It launched itself back into the tumultuous crowd fighting for the ball. “Really kid, being dead is easy, it’s being alive that’s hard.”

  Anonymous said:
Prompt thingy: "You can't do any better than that"


Vlad Masters gave a throaty chuckle as he watched Danny pull at the cuffs binding his wrists. Danny glared up through puffy eyes, swollen and bruised, before giving up on his struggling.

"What?" he asked Vlad. He gave one more bitter yank at his chains as he spoke.

"Nothing in particular, just you," Vlad smirked. He circled Danny, cape billowing out behind him. His blue face pivoted around Danny’s bruised chin. Sharp fangs sparkled when he spoke. "Just that you thought you stood a chance against me, in my own home, with my own dungeon here. It’s been a while since I’ve chained anyone down here!”

Danny spat at the ground. His saliva was red. “Yeah, how long are you gonna play prisoner with me? I got homework to do.”

Vlad paused, eyebrows arched. “Who says I’m going to release you?”

Danny smiled thinly. “Common sense. My friends aren’t stupid; if I’m missing long enough, they’re gonna tell my parents everything.” Danny leaned in against his chains. “And you’re part of everything.”

"I’m not afraid of your parents," Vlad growled.

"Probably not. But it hurts your dating profile."

Vlad grabbed Danny’s chains and hoisted them above the ground. Danny was pulled into the air by his wrists. “You shut your mouth. You have no idea—”

"—what that’s like? Not being loved?" Danny huffed out. He bit his lip against the pain building in his shoulders. "Yeah, I don’t know what it’s like."

Vlad dropped him with a scoff. He stared his prisoner down before his lips split into a grin. He laughed loudly and heartily. “Ah, you almost had me going there…but then I looked at you. I should get a mirror. You’re bruised beyond recognition, and that is because I am stronger than you. That is because I will always win against you. No matter what little plans you rip up, I am better than you.” He spat on the ground, mixing it with Danny’s bloody saliva. “So have fun with your petty insults.”

Vlad turned his back and made for the cell door. “I’ll let you rot here for a while,” he said without looking at Danny.

“‘You’ll always win against me’?” Danny shouted back before Vlad shut the door. “Oh that’s hysterical.”

Vlad’s hand clenched around the door frame. He tilted his head over his shoulders. “Yes, rather like this. I am stronger than you, Danny. I am smarter. I am richer. I am far more powerful, far more manipulative, far more cunning. You’ll never win against me, not in the long-run, not really.”

"Ah," Danny answered, chains rustling. He shut his puffy eyes and nodded. "I get why you say that… You consider this winning.”

Vlad clenched his teeth. “How have I…not won, Daniel? You’re bloody, bruised, and chained to my dungeon wall. This clearly is not a victory on your part.”

Danny’s cuffs jangled again as he stood. “Small scale, you’ve got me chained to a wall. I’ll give you that. You got to punch me a few times to feel better about yourself, so congrats.” He took a step forward, as much as his bonds would allow. “But where does this get you in the ‘long-run’? Your goals? Your dreams? This isn’t helping you.”

"…If you’re trying to be cryptic—"

"Just a bit." Danny rubbed the red drool from the edge of his mouth. "I’ll put it simply." The chains gave another jingle; Danny pointed his thumbs to his own chest. "Me: family, great friends, support, love." He twisted his index finger out. "You: alone."

Vlad made a sharp intake of breath. He whirled on Danny, eyes glowing.

"You: weak, scared, bloody, flimsy, pathetic. Me: rich, successful, billionaire, powerful, capable of ending you. I’m not interested in your dumb, childish rationalization over how you could possibly be winning over me.”

Danny sighed in response, dropping back to the floor. “If that’s how you feel. G’night Vlad.”

Plasmius slammed the door shut, though he still stood inside with Danny. “It is not…how I feel. It is fact. And you are nothing compared to me.”

"Vlad, I’m just gonna level with you." Danny had tented his fingers over his mouth, legs crossed. "Literally everything you do falls under one of three categories. One, win over Mom. Two, embarrass or kill Dad. Three, win over or beat up me. If you cared more about your billions or your power or your success or whatever, you’d do stuff with that. You’d leave my family alone."

"You lack perspective," Vlad ground back. His jaw twitched. "I already have those other things. I’m working to get more of what I want. It’s called motivation, which you, as a D-student, clearly lack. I’m not the sort of person to laze around in my billions like a pig."

"You’re not the sort of person to laze around because you’re miserable."

A solid beam of pink ecto-energy connected with Danny’s jaw. It cracked at impact, and Danny yelped. 

"You haven’t the first idea what you’re talking about."

"Oh I don’t?" Danny challenged, leaning forward. Ectoplasm dripped from his nose, eyes shining with enthusiasm. "Because I’m talking about the man who’s earned nothing but the hatred of the woman he loves. I know, Vlad. Mom tolerates you for Dad’s sake. She knows you for who you are: a vile, manipulative, skeevy, sleazy excuse for a man.”

"Anyone can be won over!" Vlad slammed his fist against the wall. "I’ve made business deals the devil himself couldn’t seal!"

"Not my mom! Not when she’s so embarrassingly in love with Dad! And you—has it ever occurred to you that you’re constantly trying to kill the one person on this earth who genuinely likes you?" Danny threw his head back and laughed. "My dad is the last breathing human who smiles when someone says your name, and you’d kill him.”

"He’s beneath me."

"But the weird-ass simulations aren’t?" Danny challenged. "You’re going crazy here, you know. The Maddie hologram? Genetically engineered clones for children, ones you still let die over and over? You’re basically that friendless kid on the playground who only makes up personalities for his dolls. You’re forty! And you have to make up people who like you.”

Plasmius trembled; his eyes burned with murderous intent. His mouth opened over and over, but no words came out.

"Beat me up if that makes you feel better. Come on and peg me with another ectoblast, but I’m not wrong," Danny ground out with a smile.

"Rot in here," Vlad announced coldly. He turned back to the door. "There is not food or water. Rot. Stay and rot."

"Good night; I’ll see you in the morning when you realize you have to release me to keep any of your screwball plans in tact. Tell yourself you won’t, if it makes you feel better!"

Vlad slammed the dungeon door shut and jammed his keys into it. He stalked off down the hall. 

"But you know, Vlad!" Danny lunged forward on his knees, neck out shouting, "You’re a lonely, pathetic, miserable old man who’s slowly dying inside because no one loves you, and you make yourself feel better about that by beating up little kids. You’ll never earn Mom’s love. You’ll never kill Dad. You’ll never win over my family, so you can rot through life. You just get older and older each day, breathing and eating and sleeping and dying more and more inside. And one day your age is gonna catch up to you, and you’ll die for real, and I’ll still be around, happy.” Danny leaned against the wall and laughed. “I go to bed smiling over how petty and sad you really are.”

Vlad had reached the end of the hall, but Danny’s shouting still rang clearly in his ears. 

"G’night Vlad! Sleep well in your big empty house. I hope your big cold vaults of money are comforting, because nothing else in this world will ever comfort you. Not a wife, not family, not love! You’re rich, you’re powerful, you’re strong, but you’re an empty shell of a man, and you can’t do any better than that.”



  Anonymous said:
For the line thing; "Everyone dies- except for him. We think he's immortal."


When Amity entered its second year of ghost invasions, the Fentons created the perfect serum to destroy ghosts. 

For the solid year prior, the two ghost hunters had hacked away at the town’s spiritual trespassers with the violent force necessary to wipe them out. They had bazookas laced with ecto-hazards, machetes coated in ectoranium, bombs that dissolved ghosts into oozing bits. The two hazmatted figures lunged and sliced and carved at ghosts, tore them to pieces, smashed them into goo. They lit up the streets with blasts of light, explosions, and screams. Ghosts were resilient, and it seemed gory, violent battles were all that would end them for good.

At least, that was the leading theory before Jack and Maddie Fenton discovered the cocktail that could kill ghosts with hardly more than a drop. A speck of this poison on a ghost’s filmy skin would end it. A small bit aspirated would dissolve it from the inside. It was almost laughably simple, the way ghosts buckled with the slighted bit of expsoure.

It was an easy, passive, failproof weapon that—best of all—was harmless to humans.

And they planned to unleash it all at once.

Deep in their lab Jack and Maddie had barrels of their new weapon stacked high to the ceiling. They built an atomizer on the back of the RV that  would spray thick fog over the streets. They loaded darts. They coated weapons. They silently prepared to take the streets of Amity by storm, like exterminators to a nest of rats. 

Before they left on their crusade, Jack and Maddie sat their two children down to explain the plan. They proudly swept blankets off their store, 20,000 gallons strong. They pushed bazookas into their children’s hands, which had been refitted as atomizers, and asked if the two would help their parents end all ghosts.

Danny looked on ashen-faced and trembling. His eyes fell to the sloshing liquid inside his gun. He clenched it, frozen, as though he’d been tossed an IED.

And then Jazz spoke. “If this stuff wipes out ghosts, what happens to Danny Phantom?”

Her father shrugged his meaty shoulders. His enthusiasm deflated a bit. “He’s a ghost too. Sorry Honey, but he’s gotta die with the rest of them.”

Maddie knelt and took her daughter’s hand, smiling. “It’ll be fine though. Once the ghosts are gone, we won’t need him.”

A sharp clack caught their attention. Danny had thrust his weapon onto the ground. He stood, shaking, and backed far away from the thing. His chest fluttered shallowly as though he were trying not to breathe. 

Jack approached Danny. His face was knotted with confusion; his gloves dripped with the serum. 

"Danny?" he asked.

Danny thrust a hand out to keep his dad from coming any closer. He watched the green ooze congealing on Jack’s gloves.

"Mom, Dad, there’s something I have to tell you…"

It took two weeks for the anti-ghost serum to degrade. The gallons that had been sprayed into the air now condensed as crystals in the street, much like road salt in the wintertime. The Fentons had assured everyone that the crystals would be swept away with the next rain, and they posed no threat to the environment. 

However, with the crystals settled, the air had lost its toxicity. The goo of dissolved ghosts littering the street left a fair warning for any future invaders, but if ghosts ever did return to Amity, the spray would have to be reapplied. The Fentons were sure to inform the Amity residents of this, who’d grown too careless in the safety of their ghost-toxic town.

The Fentons were asked repeatedly why they didn’t just constantly reapply the poison, but they waved off the suggestions with small mutterings about cost.

More than once, the town council had offered to provide them with all the money they could need to fund it. But, the Fentons insisted, the council didn’t have the power to hand over that money. Only the mayor could offer that, and Amity Park’s mayor had died suddenly twelve days ago. He was quite young to have such a massive heart attack, but there was nothing to be done after the fact. New elections would take a while.

At the two week mark of the town’s ghost eradication, on the exact day that the last of the ghost-toxic serum had drained from the air, there came a knock at the Fentons’ door. Maddie opened it to two stiff, white-suited men who stared her down through dark glasses. They invited themselves inside without a word.

"Can I help you?" Maddie asked.

Jack’s head appeared from the stairs leading to the lab. He dusted off his hands and came to meet the agents. 

"Yes," one answered. He produced a grainy photograph from his sleeve. It was black and white, bands of static ringing the image, at the center was the hazy shape of a ghost. "This was captured by a security camera outside Town Hall today. A ghost survived your ‘fail-proof’ extermination." He re-sheathed the photograph and pushed up his glasses. "And worst of all, it’s Phantom you let slip through the cracks.”

Something shifted on the couch to the agents’ left. A small boy with messy black hair looked up. He had an oral thermometer hanging from his lips.

The second agent spoke to him. “You shouldn’t be here child; this is important adult talk. Get to school.”

"He’s sick," Maddie Fenton ground out. "He’s been home a few weeks in fact. We think it’s Mono; so he is certainly not going anywhere outside this house." She passed along a knowing glare to him, and Danny shrunk back down without a word.

The first agent waved off the tangent. “Not important. We need you to respray the town. We can’t have Phantom continue to roam.”

"That won’t do any good," Jack Fenton answered. His back had straightened, and he towered over the two agents. 

"Why not?" the second agent asked. 

"Because Phantom is a special case. We were wrong when we predicted the serum would kill every ghost." Maddie spoke with a measured tone. Her tongue lingered on the word ‘wrong’, drew it out, emphasized it.

"Well, spray the stuff anyway. We already know Phantom is strong. Some bugs just need an extra shot of Raid to make them shrivel up."

Jack barked a laugh at this. He placed a hand on both agents’ shoulders and led them forcefully to the door.  

"My wife already told you you’re wasting your time. We know Phantom better than you suits could imagine." Jack knocked them on to the sidewalk and set his hands on the door. "We could spray once, we could spray a thousand times, it doesn’t matter. Everyone dies- except for him. We think he’s immortal.”